One Team for:


Managing all staging, low and high voltage, extensions, and hardware installation requirements to ANSI/TIA 568 C.2 standards  for Distribution centers, Corporate Offices, Branch Offices, Retail, Hospitality, Restaurants, and more throughout North America

Circuit Certification & Installation

Over 12 years’ experience deliverying entry facilities construction, DMARC extensions, circuit activations and certifications for new DIA, MPLS, & wireless circuits.

Site Readiness & Remediation

Minimize delays and fallout by going through a site survey checklist including heat-mapping for Wi-fi & cellular, coverage availability,  cabling requirements , and whatever is required for a successful deployment

New Sites &

Managing all projects related to new stores, restaurants, and office on-site installations: deployments, moves, adds, and changes, including but not limited to digital displays, voice, audio visual, cabling, asset management, back office, Point of Sale, and more.

Numbers you can scale with

Year Company was Founded
Dispatches since 2008
Square Feet of Advanced Technical & Logistical Support Centers
Square Feet of PCI/HIPAA/SOC2 Compliant Warehousing
Hardware and LAN elements staged, configured, and installed in 2019
Certified Field Technicians available for deployment throughout North America
Site Visits in 2019
Circuit Installations, Activiations & Certifications in 2019

About Us

CISSDM Field Services offers one of the most extensive field services footprint throughout North America by industry-leading 42,000 Field Service Technicians. CISSDM’s dedicated dispatch team, now located in Boise, ID, has scheduled and completed over 200,000 onsite installations and repairs since 2008. CISSDM’s field service engineers create customized, project-based Statements of Work to standardize even the most complex staging, structured cabling, or hardware installation projects. All staging and deployment projects are deployed from CISSDM’s 10,000 square foot PCI/HIPAA/SOC2 compliant staging facility located in San Clemente, California. CISSDM’s ITIL-certified Engagement Managers ensure all dispatch requests are quickly fulfilled, project timelines are met, and field service technicians arrive on-time to properly complete installation tasks at hand.

Get certified field technicians with the following:

  • Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®)
  • ETA Fiber Optics and Data Cabling Certifications
    • Fiber Optics Technician (FOT)
    • Fiber Optics Technician-Inside Plant (FOT-ISP)
    • Fiber Optics Technician-Outside Plant (FOT-OSP)
    • Fiber Optics Designer (FOD)
    • Termination and Testing Technician (TTT)
    • and more

Our Phased Approach


Review and analyze your existing scope of work and installation documentation. Allow CISSDM to peer in to do an analysis.


Create project-specific installation guides and establish project guidelines


Understand risks, milestones, and your network installations. CISSDM Engagement Managers mange project stakeholders, timelines, and end-user experience.


Stage, kit, configure, ship, install, and certify your hardware by CISSDM. Our Field Technicians are ready for on-site installations 24/7.


4-Hour, After Hours, Next Day, Weekend, and Holiday on-site arrival times available 24/7. Dispatch & repair SLAs paird with Technical Support and Troubleshooting by the CISSDM Technical Assistance Centers.

One CISSDM for:

Data & Voice Installations
  • Entry Facilities Construction

  • Circuit ID & DMARC Extensions

  • New Circuit Activation

  • Network Cutover & Certification

  • Cellular Antenna Installation

  • UCaaS Site Readiness & Install

  • PBX Repair

  • Cable/Jack Repair

  • Data Jack Installation

Structured Cabling
  • Cable Drops: CAT3, CAT5, CAT6, Coaxial, Fiber

  • Conduit/Raceway Installation

  • Cabling Remediation & Clean-Up

  • Cable Demolition

  • Conduit Blockage Survey & Repair

  • Wireless Heat Mapping

  • Point to Point System Survey & Installation

  • New Facility Low & High Voltage Installation

  • Backboard/Ground Bar/Ground Wires

Hardware Installation
  • Security Cameras, CCTV, Loss Prevention

  • Data Cabinet Installations

  • Router & Switches

  • Access Points

  • Digital Signage

  • POS (Point of Sale) Terminals

  • Time Clocks

  • Access Control Panels

  • UPS Installations

  • PC/Desktop/Printer/Office Equipment Installs

New Sites and MACD Work
  • Low Voltage Cabling

  • High Voltage Cabling

  • Network Hardware Installation

  • Circuit Installations

  • LAN Hardware Installation

  • Hardware Staging & Activation

  • City/County Permit Management

  • Project Management

  • Asset Management

  • New sites/Site moves/Site closures

Reach out to learn more about CISSDM’s Field Services
and On-Site Installations


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