Corporate IT Solutions Announces Extension of Agreement with Shari’s Management Corporation

Shari’s Recommends CIS as a Highly Fast, Reliable, and Affordable Partner

Corporate IT Solutions (CIS) and Shari’s Management Corporation, a chain of family diner restaurants with 100 locations across the Pacific Northwest, has renewed its agreement to provide broadband procurement and other wide area networking technology services to the family diner chain.

The two companies began working together in 2009, when CIS began supplying Shari’s with broadband procurement, implementation services, networking monitoring and management and field tech support.

“We had been struggling with our existing vendor before CIS stepped in,” says Tom Matson, vice president of IT and facilities for Shari’s. “CIS was able to launch the entire network in less than 35 days including new last mile circuits made up of a combination of DLS, cable, frame relay and cellular service.”

CIS also provides Shari’s with network management including the ongoing upgrade of circuits and field technician services requiring that Shari’s maintain only 2 help desk staff, reducing overhead headcount and support cost. Requirements.

“We have always been proud of our working relationship with Shari’s,” says Matt Miller, founder and managing partner for CIS. “We are grateful for the new agreement and are committed to providing them with the same intensive level of service we’ve been able to provide since 2009.”

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